Palworld: Best ways to get and farm wool

In Palworld, wool is an essential resource needed for crafting various items, including clothing and beds. Especially in the early game, ensuring a steady supply of wool can make a significant difference in your survival and overall progress. This guide will walk you through the best methods to obtain and farm wool effectively.

Palworld wool item

Early Game Wool Collection

At the beginning of the game, you will quickly notice the need for wool as your character starts to freeze during the first night. The quickest way to obtain wool early on is by defeating certain Pals that drop this resource.

  • Lamballs: These are the most common wool-dropping Pals you will encounter in the starting area. They are easy to find and defeat.
  • Other Pals: Besides Lamballs, other Pals such as Cremis, Melpaca, Ice Kingpaca, Kingpaca, Swee, and Sweepa also drop wool. While these Pals might not be as abundant as Lamballs, they provide a reliable source of wool.
Palworld get wool from Lamball

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Automating Wool Production

As you progress in Palworld, manually collecting wool from Pals can become tedious. To streamline this process, you can unlock and build a Livestock Farm through the technology menu once you reach at least level 5. This farm allows you to automate wool production by assigning specific Pals to the farm.

  • Best Pals for Wool Farming: Lamballs, Cremis, and Melpacas are ideal for this task. Capture these Pals, place them in the Livestock Farm, and they will start producing wool automatically.
  • Farm Operation: Once the Pals are assigned, they will generate wool over time, which can be collected periodically from the farm’s pen.

Converting Wool to Fabric

After securing a steady supply of wool, the next step is to convert it into fabric. Fabric is required for more advanced crafting.

  • Unlocking Fabric Production: Unlock the fabric material in the technology menu at level 3.
  • Crafting Fabric: Use a workbench to convert wool into fabric. Each piece of fabric requires 2 wool to produce.

Tips for Efficient Wool Farming

  • Upgrade Your Technology: Continuously upgrade your technology to improve the efficiency of your wool and fabric production.
  • Manage Your Resources: Ensure you have a steady supply of the required materials for building and upgrading your Livestock Farm and other necessary structures.
  • Optimal Pal Placement: Place multiple Pals in your Livestock Farm to maximize wool output. Monitor their production and ensure the farm is operating smoothly.
Palworld wool dropped by Lamball


Efficiently farming wool in Palworld is crucial for your survival and advancement in the game. By starting with basic collection methods and progressing to automated farming, you can ensure a consistent supply of this valuable resource. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to master wool farming and enhance your Palworld experience.


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