Palworld Cheats: List for Single Player and Multiplayer

Palworld, an exciting open-world game, combines the best of creature collecting and survival. Cheats can help you experience the game more efficiently and discover new possibilities. In this article, you will find the best Palworld cheats, specifically for single player mode, and learn how to use them.

Palworld Cheats for Single Player

Key Points

  • Admin Commands provide powerful tools for game control.
  • Cheats can maximize resources and minimize challenges.
  • Multiplayer cheats are restricted and require specific conditions.

Cheats for Single Player

Note: Officially, these commands are blocked in single player and co-op. To use these commands or cheats in your game, you need to download a trainer software like WeMod. Download and use at your own risk.

Here are all the known cheats that can help you in Palworld:

PlayerInfinite Player HealthUnlimited health/infhealth
Infinite Pal HealthPals have unlimited health/infpalhealth
Infinite StaminaUnlimited stamina/infstamina
Infinite SatietyUnlimited satiety/infsatiety
Temperature Always NormalTemperature is always normal/tempnormal
Set Stat PointsGives you a number of stat points/setstatpoints <number>
Set Technology PointsGives you a number of technology points/settechpoints <number>
Set Ancient Technology PointsGives you a number of ancient tech points/setancienttechpoints <number>
MovementInstant AccelerationInstant dodge/instacceleration
Set Walking Speed MultiplierSets walking speed multiplier/setwalkspeed <multiplier>
Set Jump Height MultiplierSets jump height multiplier/setjumpheight <multiplier>
InventoryNo Item WeightItems have no weight/noitemweight
[Sel. Item] Set AmountSets the amount of a specific item in inventory/setitemamount <number>
StatsInfinite SanityUnlimited mental health/infsanity
Set Experience MultiplierSets experience multiplier/setexpmult <multiplier>
WeaponsInfinite Weapon DurabilityUnlimited weapon durability/infweapondurability
GeneralInstant CraftingInstant item crafting/instantcraft
No Crafting RequirementsNo requirements for crafting/nocraftingreq
100% Capture Chance100% chance to catch Pals/100capture
All Pals Are RareAll Pals are lucky/shiny/allpalsrare
Stop TimeStops time/stoptime
Add TimeAdds time/addtime <amount>
Decrease TimeDecreases time/decreasetime <amount>

Other Palworld Guides:

Tips for Using the Cheats

Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Cheats:

  1. Open the developer console with the ~ key.
  2. Enter the desired cheat code and press Enter.
  3. Check the effect in the game and enjoy the benefits!

Common Errors and How to Avoid Them:

  • Incorrect Input: Check the exact spelling of the cheat code.
  • Compatibility Issues: Some cheats only work in specific game versions.
  • Cheat Restrictions: Some cheats are disabled in multiplayer mode.

Cheats for Multiplayer

In the multiplayer mode of Palworld, cheats are highly restricted to ensure fair gameplay. Here are some allowed tricks:

  1. Team Communication: Use communication commands for better team play.bashCode kopieren/teamchat <message>
  2. Share Resources: Efficiently share resources with team members.phpCode kopieren/giveresources <player> <resource> <amount>

Community Recommendations

Many players share their experiences and recommendations in forums and community platforms. Here are some useful tips from experienced players:

  • User ‘PalMaster123’: “Use /godmode sparingly to keep the game exciting.”
  • User ‘CheatExpert89’: “In single player mode, /giveallresources can be extremely helpful to progress quickly.”


Cheats can significantly enhance your gaming experience in Palworld, especially in single player mode. From admin commands to specific cheats, there are many ways to customize the game to your liking. However, be cautious when using cheats in multiplayer mode to keep the game fair for everyone.


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