Legend of Mushroom Archer Build (Hunter Guide)

In the enchanting world of Legend of Mushroom, the Archer stands out for his ability to deal devastating damage from a distance. As a key player in any team, this Hunter guide will take you through the best builds, strategies, and tips to turn your Archer into a legend.

Legend of Mushroom Archer Build – Sacred Hunter Specialization

Sacred Hunter Guide Specialization and Archer Build

The key to success lies in the synergy between the critical damage bonus and a well-considered selection of abilities and appropriate equipment. This combination allows the Archer to efficiently and precisely eliminate his enemies. Equipment items that increase critical hit rates and damage are essential here.

Embracing the path of the Sacred Hunter commits you to a playstyle that requires precision and strategic thinking. It is a mastery of archery that empowers the player to overwhelm their opponents with impressive power.

The Best Abilities for the Archer Build

Legend of Mushroom Speed SurgeSpeed Surge
Increases attack speed by an impressive 30%
Coin Bomb Skill Legend of MushroomCoin Bomb
Increases the damage of basic attacks by 35%
Shroom Shield Legends of MushroomShroom Shield
Provides a shield equal to 20% of maximum HP
Nature's Renewal Legend of MushroomNature’s Renewal
Heals 30% of your maximum HP within 5 seconds
Smoke Bomb Skill in Legend of MushroomSmoke Bomb
Increases the damage taken by the enemy by 30% for 5 seconds

The Right Pals by Your Side

For your Archer to deal proper damage, he needs the right pals by his side. Here is a selection of pals that are perfect for your build:

Hero Bird Pal in Legend of MushroomHero Bird
Increases your attack speed by 15%
Cowboy Cactus Pal in Legend of MushroomCowboy Cactus
After you have used 3 basic attacks, you inflict an additional 40% damage to the target
Warlord Hydrosprite Pal in Legend of MushroomWarlord Hydrosprite
Reduces the cooldowns of your active abilities by 25%
Chicken Hood Pal in Legend of MushroomChicken Hood
Increases your basic attack damage by 30%
Mecha Dragon Pal in Legend of MushroomMecha Dragon
Increases the critical damage bonus by an additional 20%. Thus, your critical hits do even more damage

Relics for the Archer

Choosing the right relics is as crucial as selecting your companions. Each relic brings unique bonuses that can significantly influence your combat behavior and strategy. Here are some relics that are perfect for your Archer:

Gilded Eggshell Relic in LOMGilded Eggshell
It lets your chicken throw 5 eggs every 10 seconds, causing significant damage
Blessed Dew Relic in LOMBlessed Dew
Increases the combo of the cactus companion by 27.6%
Time Statue Relic in LOMTime Statue
Extends the duration of the Smoke Bomb effect, Instead of just 5 seconds, it now lasts 7.5 seconds more damage.
Arrow King Mask Relic in LOMArrow King Mask
Improves the combo rate by 10%
Beasthide Book Relic in LOMBeasthide Book
20% damage bonus against bosses
Storm Necklace Relic in LOMStorm Necklace
Increases the damage of Money Ghost and Clone Attack by a hefty 30%

These relics are essential to optimally equip your Archer both offensively and defensively. The right combination can make the difference between victory and defeat. Experiment with different relics to find out which ones best suit your playstyle.

Closing Thoughts

With this Hunter build, you are capable of shining in both PvE and PvP scenarios. The combination of high attack speed, basic attack damage, and critical hits makes the Archer an unstoppable force in Legend of Mushroom. Experiment with different equipment items, companions, and relics to find your perfect build and dominate your opponents with bow and arrow.

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