Legend of Mushroom Leveling Guide: How to get Magic Lamps

Legend of Mushroom is a captivating idle RPG mobile game that blends strategy with charming graphics. Leveling up your character and your kingdom is crucial to progressing in the world and defeating stronger enemies, for that you need a lot of Magic Lamps.

Magic Lamp

Available for iOS and Android, this free game offers a perfect mix of accessibility and strategic depth. At the heart of the game is leveling up your character, a crucial aspect that determines your power and abilities in the kingdom. In this guide, we focus on how you can efficiently level up your character and enjoy the game to the fullest.

From basic strategies to insider tips, we cover everything you need to know to excel in Legend of Mushroom.

Magical Lamps for Quick Leveling

In Legend of Mushroom, magical lamps play a key role in leveling up your character. These lamps are not only a source of new equipment, money, and experience points, but they are also central to your strategy for advancing in the game.

Regularly lighting the magical lamps grants you coins needed for upgrading the lamps and your character. With each lamp level increase, the amount of experience points you can collect grows, thus accelerating your leveling in the game.

A special milestone is automating the lamp lighting, which becomes possible at a certain lamp level. The higher the level of your lamps, the more can be lit automatically at the same time, significantly increasing your chances of obtaining higher-quality equipment. The goal, therefore, is to collect and upgrade as many of these magical lamps as possible to maximize your progress in the game.

Key Points About Magical Lamps

  • Obtain Equipment: Acquire new gear for your character.
  • Collect Money: Essential for upgrading lamp levels.
  • Gain Experience Points: Aids in leveling up your character.
  • Automation of Lighting: Possible from a certain lamp level, simplifies gameplay.
  • Light Multiple Lamps Simultaneously: Possible with higher lamp levels, accelerates progress.
  • Chance for Better Equipment Quality: Higher lamp level increases the likelihood of superior equipment.

Where to Find Magical Lamps?

AFK Rewards

One of the easiest methods to obtain magical lamps in Legend of Mushroom is through the AFK reward. When you return to the game after a break, you will find a box in the middle of the screen containing rewards for your absence.

AFK Reward with Magic Lamps

Alongside coins and upgrade items, magical lamps are also included. The reward can be collected with a simple tap. For additional benefits, the game offers the option to double the yield for two hours by watching an advertisement video, which provides a significant bonus.

If you are undecided about which class to choose, check out our guide for all classes for a comprehensive overview.


Another effective method to collect magical lamps is by raiding the magical lamp thief in the game’s instances.

lamp thief instance

Each time you defeat the lamp thief, you gain magical lamps, and the level of the instance increases. Higher instances mean more lamps as a reward.

You have two free keys daily for these instances, and by watching advertisements, you can get up to two additional keys per day.

Additional Tip: Complete the daily tasks to earn another key for the raid.

Luck Wheel

We have the opportunity to win magical lamps on the Luck Wheel daily. We can spin the wheel 5 times for free each day. We can get an additional 2 spins by watching advertisements.

Lucky Wheel with a chance to win magic lamps

Clan Store

You should join an active clan as soon as possible. Through daily clan activities, we earn Clan Points. With these Clan Points, we can buy a few magical lamps in the Clan Store daily. Additionally, once the clan reaches level 6, you can purchase an instance key once a day to use against the lamp thief. This is an invaluable resource for gathering more lamps efficiently.

Clan activities include Clan donations, Flame Caves challenges, Clan battles, and the Sad Big Head Fish challenge.

Glory Shop in Cross-Server Ranked Match

You have also the opportunity to buy up to 500 lamps in the Glory Shop for 25 Glory Badges, daily!

Glory Shop buy Magic Lamps

Have we missed anything, or do you have any suggestions for improvement? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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How do you get magical lamps in Legend of Mushroom?

Magical lamps can be acquired through AFK rewards, by defeating the lamp thief in instances, spinning the daily luck wheel, and purchasing them in the Clan Store with Clan Points.

How do you level up quickly in Legend of Mushroom?

Use magical lamps regularly for experience, money, and equipment, and automate lamp lighting to continuously collect resources. Upgrade your lamps for better rewards and stay active in clan activities for additional leveling support.


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