Legend of Mushroom Mage Guide (Build) Prophet or Darklord?

In the enchanting world of Legend of Mushroom, the Mage plays a central role on the battlefield. With the ability to cast devastating spells from a distance, the Mage is a key player in any team. This guide will lead you through the best Mage build, strategies, and tips to turn your Mage into a legend.

Gear Stat Priorities

Cooldown Reduction > Energy Regen > Stun > Skill Damage > Skill Crit

Mage Class in LoM

Prophet or Darklord as Mage Evolution?

Legend of Mushroom offers a variety of classes, but two of the most fascinating are undoubtedly the Prophet and the Darklord.

Each class brings its own magic to the game, but how do they differ and which path best suits your playstyle?

Differences Between the Two Classes


At first glance, the Prophet may seem like the quieter, less dominant class, but this impression is misleading. Its ability to use Active Skills more frequently and to enhance them makes it a silent threat on the battlefield.

The Prophet’s equipment should primarily improve its attack power, stun chances, energy regeneration, and the speed with which skills can be reused.

Prophet Class in LoM
  • Active Skills: The Prophet specializes in using Active Skills more often and more effectively.
  • Extended Stun Duration: Thanks to the special ability “Crane’s Whisper” the Prophet can stun enemies longer, allowing for multiple attacks without fear of counterattacks.
  • Focus on Skills: As a skill-based unit, Prophets should optimize their equipment to maximize attack power, stun chances, energy regeneration, and reduction of skill cooldowns.


The Darklord, a true monster of offense, relies on pure destructive power. With a playstyle that favors quick and devastating attacks, the Darklord depends on stunning his enemies quickly to defeat them.

Darklord Class in LoM
  • Offensive Arsenal: The Darklord reigns in chaos with an aggressive skill set that puts offensive power at the forefront.
  • Stronger Dependence on Stuns: Lacking defensive skills, the Darklord relies on stuns to survive longer in battles.
  • Critical Hit Rate for Skills: A high critical hit rate for skills is essential for the Darklord, especially since certain skills and passives significantly enhance critical damage.

Class Overview

Early Game (Levels 0-100)

In the early stages of the game, it’s important to equip your Mage with skills and gear that enable quick and effective leveling. Focus on:

  • Skills that support fast and effective leveling: Lightning Strike, Earth Green, and Smoke Bomb are ideal for quickly defeating enemies while providing high protection.
  • Prioritize gear stats: Focus on cooldown reduction, energy regeneration, stun probability, and skill damage.

Mid Game (Levels 100-120)

In this phase, your Mage will encounter stronger enemies, necessitating a strategy adjustment:

  • Implement advanced skills: Meteor Strike and Bewildering Confusion offer enhanced area attacks and increase survivability.
  • Gear adjustments: Upgrade gear that specifically targets increased skill damage and critical hit rates.

Late Game (Levels 120+)

Here, specialized classes like Chronomancer and Storm Priest come into play, requiring specific skills and advanced tactics:

  • Specialized high-level skills: Focus on skills that offer long-term effects and significant burst damage, such as Blitz Assault combined with defensive capabilities.
  • Optimize gear for PvP and PvE: Use relics and gear that maximize your abilities in specific scenarios, such as PvP-specific books or PvE-oriented statues.

Mage Skills

Here are the skills you should equip to dominate your opponents and effectively support your allies. These skills can be used for both classes, Seer and Warlord.

Blitz Assault SKill in Legend of MushroomBlitz Assault
Summon golden lightning that deals 5829% damage and makes you immune to damage for 3 seconds
Nature's Renewal Skill in LOMNature’s Renewal
Deals damage to the enemy and regenerates 30% of your max HP over 5 seconds
Meteor Fall Skill in LoMMeteor Fall
A meteor strike that causes area damage and increases your skill damage by 30% for 5 seconds
Smoke Bomb Skill in Legend of MushroomSmoke Bomb
A smoke bomb that causes area damage and increases your damage to targets by 30% for a full 5 seconds
Dazzled Skill in LoMDazzled
Causes area damage with toxic mist and stuns your enemies for 1.5 seconds

Mage Companions

Choose companions that complement your Mage’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses:

  • Early to Mid Game: Companions like Ice Cream Snail and Fortune Dragon offer additional support and damage boosts.
  • Late Game: High-quality companions like Treasure Dragon and Alpine Fox enhance your Mage’s specialized skills.

These are the best companions for a Mage build that we can recommend. These companions can be used for both classes, Seer and Warlord.

Warlord Hydrosprite Pal in Legend of MushroomWarlord Hydrosprite
Increases recovery of active skills by 25%
Fiery Tail Pal in LoMFiery Tail
Increases skill damage by 60%
Master of Martial Arts in Legend of MushroomKonfgu Master
Increases HP recovery by 40%
Hipster Tortoise Pal in Legend of MushroomHipster Torteise
When your HP falls below 50%, you receive a shield worth 30% of your max HP
Alpine Fox Pal in LoMAlpine Fox
Increases stun duration, and the stunned enemy suffers an additional 25% damage

Mage Relics

The choice of relics should be aligned with the currently used skills and companions:

  • Early Game: Focus on relics that support your energy regeneration and cooldown reduction.
  • Late Game: Focus on relics that maximize your offensive stats like skill damage and critical damage.


While the Seer controls the battlefield with a sophisticated mix of skills and stuns, the Warlord prefers a more direct, aggressive approach. Both classes offer unique challenges and rewards, and the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and playstyle.

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