Pokémon Crystal-Gold-Silver: Catch Entei and Raikou

In Pokémon Crystal, capturing the legendary dogs Entei and Raikou is one of the most exhilarating challenges. This guide provides you with detailed strategies and tips to successfully capture these rare and elusive Pokémon and catch Entei and Raikou.

Pokemon Crystal Entei how to catch him

Facts about Suicune, Entei, and Raikou

Appearance in Pokémon Crystal

After being awakened in the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City, Entei and Raikou roam randomly through the Johto region and can be encountered in tall grass. Suicune, however, is found in a slightly different manner, as it appears at a specific location, the Tin Tower, and requires special preparation with the Clear Bell to be captured.

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Special Abilities

All three legendary dogs possess the “Pressure” ability, which allows them to ignore moves like Mean Look or Hypnosis, making them particularly challenging to catch without preparation.

They also have the ability to flee during battle, making them some of the harder Pokémon to catch. Their high escape rate requires special strategies, such as using moves that prevent fleeing.

Level and Abilities

Upon encountering the player, all three Pokémon are at Level 40. They boast powerful moves that correspond to their types, such as Fire Spin (Entei), Thunder (Raikou), and Aurora Beam (Suicune).

Stats and Encounters

Entei, Raikou, and Suicune each have different stats that make them suitable for various battle styles. Entei has high Attack and HP, Raikou is known for its speed and powerful electric attacks, and Suicune boasts high Defense and is effective in endurance battles.

Pokemon Crystal Raikou

General Tips for Catching the Legendary Dogs

Important Preparations

  • Always save your game before engaging any of the legendary Pokémon including Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Unlike later games in the Pokémon series, these Pokémon will not respawn if defeated.
  • To encounter Entei and Raikou, they must first be triggered at the Burned Tower where they will then begin roaming the Johto region.

Before you set out to catch Entei and Raikou, make sure your team is equipped with:

  • Repel or Super Repel to avoid unnecessary encounters with other Pokémon.
  • A Level 39 Pokémon at the front of your party to ensure you only encounter Pokémon Level 40 and above, i.e., the level of the legendary dogs Entei and Raikou.
  • Plenty of Ultra Balls and Hyper Balls in your bag.

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Finding and Capturing Entei and Raikou in Pokémon Crystal

Entei and Raikou are known for their quick escape tactics. They often use Roar to flee at the start of the battle. Therefore, it’s crucial to implement strategies that allow you to act quickly. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Localization: Use the Pokédex to track the current location of Entei or Raikou.
  • Preparation: Deploy a Pokémon with the ability Mean Look to prevent them from fleeing.
  • Sleep Moves: Try to put Entei and Raikou to sleep with moves like Hypnosis or Sleep Powder.
  • Weakening: Use a Pokémon that knows False Swipe (such as Scyther or Scizor) to minimize Entei’s and Raikou’s HP without defeating them. This move reduces their HP to a maximum of 1HP, so it cannot KO them.
  • Speed: Your Pokémon should be faster than the two. Consider using Carbos to boost speed. An initiative of 100 is a good benchmark to ensure you act first. Optionally, equip your Pokémon with Quick Claw to further enhance their speed.

An effective route strategy is to move between multiple routes without retracing steps to avoid resetting the location of the roaming Pokémon. Recommended routes near Ecruteak City include Routes 37, 36, and 35. After checking these routes, use Fly to return to Ecruteak City and repeat the process.

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Additional Tips

Encountering Entei and Raikou:

  • These Pokémon are considered roaming Pokémon once you encounter them in the Burned Tower. They change locations as you move between routes.
  • Their HP and status conditions carry over between encounters, which is critical for gradually weakening them.
  • The best strategy to capture them involves lowering their HP with False Swipe and then using sleep-inducing moves to increase capture rates. The most effective Poké Balls are the Master Ball (ideal but limited to one), Ultra Balls, or Level Balls if your Pokémon’s level is significantly higher than the legendary’s (Level 80+ recommended).

Final Words on Patience

It may take numerous attempts to be successful. Stay patient and persistent, and with the right strategy, you will eventually succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Entei and Raikou

How do you best catch Entei?

Prepare with a Level 39 Pokémon, use Mean Look to prevent escape, and weaken Entei with False Swipe before attempting to catch it with Ultra Balls or Fast Balls.

How do I find Entei?

Use the Pokédex to track Entei’s location and deploy Repel while searching in the Johto region on the borders between routes.

Where do you find Raikou?

Track Raikou through the Pokédex and use protective items to ensure encounters only with Pokémon Level 40 or higher, while quickly reacting to Raikou’s location changes.


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