Legend of Mushroom Awakening: A Comprehensive Guide

In Legend of Mushroom awakening is a crucial developmental stage for your character. It not only significantly enhances your combat power but also improves your abilities.

This guide will walk you through the awakening process and explain how to efficiently gather the necessary resources.

Legend of Mushroom Awakening Overview with the 6 seals

Requirements for Awakening

To awaken your character, there are some key steps to follow:

  1. Reach Level 110: Your character must be at least level 110 to unlock awakening.
  2. Possession of an Awakening Crystal: This crystal is essential for awakening and can be acquired by participating in cross-server ranked matches. You need Glory Badges to purchase the crystal in exchange for points.

Collecting Awakening Crystals

Awakening crystals are coveted items that you can collect as follows:

  • Cross-server Ranked Matches: Participating in these matches allows you to collect Glory Badges and buy awakening crystals.
  • Active Events: Sometimes events like the Gold Bar Theft offer a chance to win awakening crystals. Participating in such events can increase your chances.

Awakening Process

Once you meet the necessary requirements, you can begin the awakening process:

  1. Awakening Tab in the Skills Menu: Go to the Skills tab and then to the Class Awakening subsection.
  2. Random Awakening of Seals: With the awakening crystal, you can randomly awaken one of the six seals. Once all six seals are awakened, your character reaches the fully awakened state.

Benefits of Awakening

Awakening your character brings several benefits:

  • Increased Combat Power: Your abilities are significantly enhanced; for example, the damage output of your main ability can be doubled.
  • New Passive Abilities: Additional passive skills are unlocked, further increasing your effectiveness in combat.

Final Tips

  • Use Magic Lamps Daily: They are affordable and can be used daily for additional resources.
  • Participation in Events and Matches: Stay active to continuously gather resources for awakenings.

Awakening is a powerful tool in Legend of Mushroom that should be used wisely. With strategic planning and regular participation in relevant activities, you can elevate your character to the next level and develop an overwhelming presence in the game.

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